The Latinos really know how to party-it-up.  After almost a month of celebrating various holidays through December, and instead of heading straight back to the daily grind of work, they extend the party-season into January and even February.  In contrast to a possible lingering New Year’s party that we gringos see as the final bit of extreme fun for a while, fiestas can be found throughout the country during any week for a few more months.

One of the largest festivals in Costa Rica is Palmares.  The town is located in the east of Costa Rica, and is the place to go during the second half of January, when the festival means plenty of fun for plenty of people.  Some of the central events are: concerts, horse parades, bull fights, and sports activities.  I went for the morning of one day to watch a mountain bike race (watching entailing: watching the bikers leave the start line, eating breakfast, taking a nap under a tree, and finally watching for them to return two and a half hours later; it was a very relaxing morning).

And they're off....start line of the race

Even though it was too early for many festivities to have started for the day, I was able to wander the grounds and have a peek at what the night party must be like.

A view of the grounds

There were plenty of places to buy food.  Churros are a good bet (though maybe not right after breakfast, they’re more of a snacky-food for when you’re craving something sweet).  Churros are fried dough in the form of long cylinders.  They generally are extruded using a particular churro-making-machine, and therefore have a hole in the middle.  They’re usually covered in sugar, and they are sometimes filled with dulce de leche, a kind of super-sweetened-condensed milk.


Maybe next year I’ll get to experience the night party at Palmares, but this time, it was great to see yet another part of Costa Rica.


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One Response to “Palmares”

  1. Dr. Mencer Says:

    Your discussion of churros filled with dulce de leche reminded me of some tres leche cake that I once had while at a group meeting trip to Lake Livingston in the Great State of Texas. I remember it was quite tasty and not at all dry. Alton Brown has even made one . . .


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